Friday, November 28, 2008

Love for Fashion, Zhu Xian Style

Tired of wearing the same old boring armor suits that everyone else wear? Do you want to get noticed and stand out? Fashion is all you need~!

Yours truly is definitely an in-game fashion lover and i'de often waste my money buying them, hehe and i never get to be rich in-game just because of my affinity for fashion. First thing that i usually look at whenever i play an MMORPG is the fashion suits. Since ZX Online PH is still at its Close Beta phase, let me showcase a ZX teaser and share my love for fashion, Zhu Xian style~!

Here are the fashionable suits that i was able to find while roaming around the world of ZX, let's start with the guys...

Pretty slick, ayt? guys would definitely earn "pogi" points from the ladies wearing these. Since i'll be portraying a female avatar in-game (no wonder~!), here are the fashionable suits that i have my eyes on and would definitely be spending money on, hehe... so guys eat your hearts out coz the ladies are gonna rock ZX with these~!

Who says pretty can't be deadly? imma grab all of these~! XD

We've seen Empress Mei Yan wore some of these fashionable suits during her in-game teasers prior to CBT and i'm really hoping that we would have the same once the game is already commercialized~!

This would be all for now and hoping that the readers enjoyed what i've shared for today~ more to come and more to see ^_^ ciao~!


- kayLeen - said...

whoa., lurve the Ladies' armor suits haha., thanks for posting this one shan^0^v