Thursday, December 29, 2011

ZX Refining and Imbuing Guide

Players who possess glowing weapons and armors look definitely awesome, since the power of their items are greatly reflected. I bet you also wanted to have these too. Sure they are eye appealing, but you can also easily learn the secret thru refining and imbuing. These provide you with the opportunity to make your own precious character a lot stronger, which is of course great advantage against annoying mobs and maybe even in Player versus Player combat. Your character’s gears and weapon can easily be refined and also, they could be imbued with specific special attributes that include bonus stats for your character.

It’s pretty easy to refine and imbue items. Just visit the Enchanter NPC at any city of the game because he’s the one responsible for the process. As for the Refining requirements, you will only need the item you intend to refine along with 1 Refinery Talisman for every attempt you’ll do. Refinery Talismans can be attainable from drops of mobs or from other players.

You can also utilize a special additional item which can definitely provide surefire success throughout the refining/imbuing method. It increases the results of the process or just keeps your item from getting destroyed when the method falters. These items could be bought from other players or in the item mall.
Just simply click the Enchanter and wait for the pop up window. He will give you some selection. Just choose the Refine/Imbue option. Simply put the item and also the Refinery Talisman in the window space by dragging them. You can also use right click for quick use. After that, click the Start button and the Refining process will immediately begin.

Whenever you’re done with the process and if it is successful, a pop up window will appear, telling you that you have done it successfully. Once it’s been refined, you can check your freshly refined item so you’ll know what bonus features it now has. If in case the refinement method fails, your item or weapon will be destroyed and you’ll also lose the Refinery Talisman you have used. You can prevent this from happening if you utilized an additional item that safeguards it from breaking. If so, the item/weapon won’t break and vanish but just be downgraded by 1 refinement level and sent back to your bag.

As for Imbuing, it will also need the item you would like to imbue, along with 1 Talisman of the type that you desire to imbue into your gear. For instance, if you’re thinking of adding HP+ attributes to the item, you will need Lifeblood Talisman which provides +10 HP per talisman.

Just like refinery one, talismans for imbuing can be also acquired from drops of mobs or by buying them from other players. There are different kinds of Imbuing Talismans which provide various attributes to an item. To identify the stats each kind provides, simply hover your mouse icon on the talisman.

The imbuing process is pretty much like the same as refining. When the imbuing process on your item is triumphant, well done! You’ve just added more stats to your character. But if the imbuing process falters, your item will reset to its original condition without any additional attributes. The item will then be sent back to your bag. Keep in mind that if your imbuing is unsuccessful, it will have no effect on any prior refinements on the game weapon and other items. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Leg of Road to Domination IV!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween ZX Players!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Password for the ZX Manual Patch

Hello ZXOnline WarLords and citizens of the Jade Server Empire!

If you had finished downloading the manual patch, the password is keepsakes

*You can now apply the patch even before the server is up!

Here’s how to apply the manual patch:

**Remember! The manual patch can be applied if your current ZXOnline client version is 35.

Once you’ve applied the manual patch, just wait for the announcements for the server to go live, and you’re good to go!

Server Maintenance up till 3PM! Stay tuned to this post for updates!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 2009 Mall Event & Updates

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