Friday, February 27, 2009

ZXOnline Double Exp Treat!

Yes, you've read it right fellow gamers!
ZX Online PH is now treating everyone with its 2x Exp Bonus.
It started last February 20-22, 2009 but didn't end there yet.

Mark these dates:

February 23 - 1pm to 9pm

February 24 - 26 3pm - 9pm

February 27 3pm to March 1 11:59 pm

Double experience is readily available on those dates for us to enjoy! San ka pa?!
Happy grinding ZX Warlords! ^_^

Saturday, February 21, 2009

E-Games Correspondents Meeting ~ Aftermath

Yelah Immortals~! Shannel here sharing yet another funfilled and valuable experience that i have been to ^_^

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me, after signing off from work at 8:00 am without any sleep XD, i went straight to the E-Games office at Tower II RCBC Plaza in Makati to attend the E-Games Correspondents meeting... ooops~! before anything else, let me give an insight first of what EG Correspondents is all about.

This is actually a Correspondents Program, a unique and enriching campaign that enjoins the e-Games community to contribute articles, reviews and features for the following websites: RAN Online, CABAL Online, Granado Espada, O2Jam, Audition Dance Battle and of course our beloved Zhu Xian Online. Sounds interesting, right? for more details and how to be one, visit

I arrived at the E-Games office a bit late and everyone was there already XD. As a start off, each and everyone introduced them selves to their fellow correspondents and shared their own crazy and funny story of their respective game ^_^. After all the fun and laughter, the meeting went straight to a serious discussion.

The meeting was lead by Ms. Mary Anne Plaza, IP-EGames' Editor and Writer and Mr. Emir Samonte, Editor in Chief of E-Games. They gave us the run down of the guidelines, responsibilities and of course benefits of being a correspondent. Every participants were assigned to a specific game that they are most favorable of to write their articles. Yours truly was of course assigned to our most valued game, Zhu Xian Online ^_^ but everyone is actually legit to write articles in any of the E-Games title.

After the discussion, questions and several concerns were raised; from game specifics, technical issues to bot and hacks. Things started to get nutty hehehe, but it became a bonding moment for everyone which is a good thing.

A goody bag was given to everyone, consisting of an E-Games folder, notebook, ZX CD Installer and a RAN pin, now thats what you call generous. ^_^

The meeting lasted for several hours and everyone got very hungry and i mean everyone XD but thanks to Sir Emir, who treated us with a delicious meal from McDonalds (yummy~!), our empty bellies stopped from grumbling, hehe. Thank you Sir Emir ^_^ till next time XD

After all is said and done, from the meet and greet to the yummy meal, we were asked to sign an Agreement Form, making us an Official E-Games Correspondents~! yipee~!

The day ended with a crazy picture taking and more bonding moments with fellow correspondents. And now meet the 1st batch of E-Games Correspondents ^_^

E-Games will be visiting other places and provinces to invite E-Gamers to participate in this campaign, yours might be next so stay tuned~! I am personally inviting my fellow Emissaries to join and be one of us ^_^

Till next time Immortals~! Ciao~! ^_~


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canoodling: Featured Community Event (Aftermath)

And yes the Valentine's day has passed, but still love is in the air. It was more exposed after a certain event happened in-game last February 14th around 11:00PM - the Canoodling Event, a misture of cuddling and noodling with love.

The event was primarily a simple clan event only of Exitializ Clan as part of celebrating the Valentine's season. I invited CM Mei Yan via to join our mini event, but to my surprise, she asked me some of the event's details for she will be inviting the whole ZX Community to participate in the said event. And that was really awesome. Thanks so much to our lovely CM. ^_^

The day came. The clock read 10:15PM. I went online and checked Heyang City Town. Gamers were starting to look for partners, some expressed their excitement, some were too impatient I guess that they wanted to start the event right away. I checked our clan if a lot would be participating, and gladly they were all geared up for our mini event. The announcement was flashed on our PC Screen. Everybody were invited to go to Channel 8, Heyang City, particularly at Plain of Yu Meng for the Canoodling Event.

When I came to the spot, there were couples waiting there already, about 10 pairs, then 14, then 16... OMG! We were growing in number. Later we realized that there were so many pairs that gamers would complain their PC's went laggy. Haha.

The mechanics of the event were given first before the countdown. In a few minutes, GM Imrahil counted 5... 4... 3.. 2.. 1.. and by the 'GO' Signal, everybody did the snuggling simutaneously. Love was in the air. Some pairs expressed their feelings to each other. Others even confessed what they felt for their snuggle partner. And of course, there was even jealousy roaming around that time. Haha. And after 10minutes of snuggling, everybody marched from Plain of Yu meng to HYC Town with their partners.

It was one great mini event! It ended up successfully. I would personally want to thank firstly CM Mei Yan for making this event possible that the whole ZX Community was able to participate with us, the Exitializ Clan. Then to the GMs who were around that time for leading the sweetness of the event. Haha. To ExcEsc - Exitializ Clan Master and the whole members of the clan for helping, and the ZX Online Community, of course, for participating.

With this, I made a simple video for everyone. I hope you'll like it.
Happy Valentine's again. <3>

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Putting Back Old ZX Fonts

Since the Valentines Patch was applied, the in-game font became awkward so, here's how to bring it back credits to iDarzi for the guide.

Download this:

Extract then copy&paste the fonts to : ZX Folder/element/font (Overwrite everything)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ZX Online Davao EB b2b Road to Domination III - Davao

Two great gaming events took place last January 30 and 31, 2009 in Davao City when IP E-Games conducted the ZX Online Community EB: Calling of the Warlords Chapter 2 back-to-back with the Road to Domination III on the following day.

ZX Warlords Meeting was held at Banoks (in front of SM Davao) at around 4:30pm and ended by 7:00pm. The participants were requested to confirm their attendance in a laptop, reserved or not, and were given an E-games paperbag with a ZX poster and an installer disc in it after. Here's mine:

When the foods were already served and everybody's starting to enjoy their meal, the official discussion started with a survey wherein various gaming questions were raised and the attendees would answer by agreeing on the choices provided through raising their hands. Other concerns and issues were also raised, as well as suggestions for a better gaming experience.

Before the gathering ended, the gamers requested to introduce themselves on who they are in-game, and we also had this mini raffle too. The lucky guy got the Limited Edition Tumbler, which was the only one left and not sellable too (huhu..) but anyway, there will be in-game incentives to be given to those who attended the said meeting. Yey!

Here's some of the EB pics! Thanks to CM Mei Yan for providing them. ^_^

the winner of the limited edition tumbler

Striking a pose ^_^

while having dinner

The following day was the big event, the Road to Domination III - Davao. It was held at SM Davao's Entertainment Plaza last January 31, 2009 at 10:00am and ended at 7:00pm. Freeplays were around and in-game tournaments as well for RAN Online, Audition Dance Battle, Cabal PH, and Granado Espada. There were also Live Contests in which GMs asked trivia questions to the gamers, a raffle from Globe and distribution of freebies, installer discs, and posters. Gamers also enjoyed the entertainment (bands and dancers) and of course, the newest and freshest updates of the different online games presented by the CMs and GMs.

ZX Online was never out-of-place but has turned into one of the main attractions as CM Mei Yan presented its awesome game features to the crowd. While having the ZX freeplay, I myself could testify how other gamers got excited to get into the game as well. Some got a few interviews from the players who were observing from our backs. I also heard some players spilled out "lipat na tayo jan!" and "jan na naman ako mag-aadik".. wehehe..

After the official event, I didn't go home directly. I (Exitializ) still have some chit-chat with our lovely CM Mei Yan, together with Anika (Fatality) and Doctor (Exiled). And oh, there were still some XIII guys left playing the game. Haha.

Some campics I got:

on stage

the gamers

it's Anika, EneLya, and the lovely CM Mei Yan
(look at that t-shirt of her! wat can u see? i so want one. ahehe.)

Anyhow, congratulations to those who won from the tournies of other E-games who'll be sent in Manila as Davao City representatives for the Domination III this coming April 2009, and to those ZX players I met, see yah in-game! ^_