Saturday, February 21, 2009

E-Games Correspondents Meeting ~ Aftermath

Yelah Immortals~! Shannel here sharing yet another funfilled and valuable experience that i have been to ^_^

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me, after signing off from work at 8:00 am without any sleep XD, i went straight to the E-Games office at Tower II RCBC Plaza in Makati to attend the E-Games Correspondents meeting... ooops~! before anything else, let me give an insight first of what EG Correspondents is all about.

This is actually a Correspondents Program, a unique and enriching campaign that enjoins the e-Games community to contribute articles, reviews and features for the following websites: RAN Online, CABAL Online, Granado Espada, O2Jam, Audition Dance Battle and of course our beloved Zhu Xian Online. Sounds interesting, right? for more details and how to be one, visit

I arrived at the E-Games office a bit late and everyone was there already XD. As a start off, each and everyone introduced them selves to their fellow correspondents and shared their own crazy and funny story of their respective game ^_^. After all the fun and laughter, the meeting went straight to a serious discussion.

The meeting was lead by Ms. Mary Anne Plaza, IP-EGames' Editor and Writer and Mr. Emir Samonte, Editor in Chief of E-Games. They gave us the run down of the guidelines, responsibilities and of course benefits of being a correspondent. Every participants were assigned to a specific game that they are most favorable of to write their articles. Yours truly was of course assigned to our most valued game, Zhu Xian Online ^_^ but everyone is actually legit to write articles in any of the E-Games title.

After the discussion, questions and several concerns were raised; from game specifics, technical issues to bot and hacks. Things started to get nutty hehehe, but it became a bonding moment for everyone which is a good thing.

A goody bag was given to everyone, consisting of an E-Games folder, notebook, ZX CD Installer and a RAN pin, now thats what you call generous. ^_^

The meeting lasted for several hours and everyone got very hungry and i mean everyone XD but thanks to Sir Emir, who treated us with a delicious meal from McDonalds (yummy~!), our empty bellies stopped from grumbling, hehe. Thank you Sir Emir ^_^ till next time XD

After all is said and done, from the meet and greet to the yummy meal, we were asked to sign an Agreement Form, making us an Official E-Games Correspondents~! yipee~!

The day ended with a crazy picture taking and more bonding moments with fellow correspondents. And now meet the 1st batch of E-Games Correspondents ^_^

E-Games will be visiting other places and provinces to invite E-Gamers to participate in this campaign, yours might be next so stay tuned~! I am personally inviting my fellow Emissaries to join and be one of us ^_^

Till next time Immortals~! Ciao~! ^_~