Monday, June 29, 2009

ZX Online PH opens the gate to a new "Battlefield"

ZX Online Philippines, recently introduced the opening of a new Battlefield in the game, the ''BattleGround'' an expansion pack for the game. ''Unparalleled Battleground'' is another large scale update closely following the Publisher's successful lifting of Level cap to 150 in previous weeks and the opening of 3 additional Maps Incense Vale, South Boundary and the Kunlun.

''Battleground'' has been one of the most anticipated expansion packs for ''ZX Online'' and contains new quests featuring new items and battlegrounds. The Publisher believes that ''Battleground'' will bring an exciting battle experience to game players. ''Battleground'' allows levels 90 to 104 players to enter the ''Wuwei Battlefield'' and levels 105 to 119 players to enter the ''Jiehe Battlefield'' when they register at specified Non-Player Characters and perform their fighting skills.

As ''ZX Online'' has recently won the ''Best Self-Developed Online Game" award and "Top 10 most Popular Online Games'' award in the ChinaJoy Jin Ling Awards, the Developer believes the launch of ''Battleground'' will be another example of demonstrating our strong technology and creative game design capabilities. On the Battlefield, all players can obtain ''Celestial Points'' and ''ample of Cultivation Experience points'' This Celestial points can be exchange for masterworks of their clans' battlefield equipment.

Furthermore, as deep understanding of player preferences is one of the key strengths and enhancing user experience is a key component for core strategies of the publisher, the support from the players will strongly motivates to develop future game contents, such as this 'Battleground'. All ZX players will surely love this expansion pack and continuously support ZX Online PH.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Up in e-Games?

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

e-Games at Toycon!

We've got a lot of stuff happening this June!

Join e-Games as it prepares for the 8th Toy Convention!

Get ready to be thrilled as the annual Toy Convention preps up the stage once again for a bigger and a more exciting gathering of toy collectors as well as anime and gaming enthusiasts! e-Games will be there to give you an amazing gaming experience as we bring in all the fun, goodies, contests and other cool activities.

RANatics, CABALists, GE Pioneers, Audistas, ZX Immortals and NosMates are in for a treat as we’ve planned great tournaments and other contests just for this event!

Visit for more details on the activities for ZX avid gamers~!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Race to Level 150!

This month of June…

Back-to-school is not the only thing that you’ve been waiting for…

In the midst of your journey to immortality, will you choose…

Power or Order?

Rise, recruit and dominate… this June 2009!

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