Sunday, November 16, 2008

Z.X. Online Novice Skill Guide

Since you will be a novice for some levels, I would recommend getting HIT skill at level 2/6 and ALERT skill at level 7/7. Remember to not waste much of you skill points as you will need them as you progress in the game. There is a maximum of 150 skill points in this game and we still do not know yet if we have this reset skill NPC or item (wish we could have like that). Level 15 is the level wherein you get to choose your school, so choose wisely. Here is a little description of the novice skills:

HIT skill - is an active skill wherein you deal 2x your damage to an enemy/monster.

ALERT skill - this passive skill raises the amount of resistance in all states.

There are also other skills such as:

Courage - this buff enhances your ability to attack

Healing - self explanatory. Also an active skill

As for the rest of the skills, well that will depend what school you're going to enter. I will still update you guys on that. Hope this helps. Thank you.