Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Gate for ZXOnline Opens for CBT!

Brace yourselves for a world unlike any other, as e-Games announces the upcoming Closed Beta Testing of its newest game, Zhu Xian Online.

Get ready to traverse this epic world of mystery, magic, fantasy and art. Based on the popular Chinese Internet novel of the same name, ZX Online will take you in an adventure where there are no limits, only endless discoveries.

ZX Online is ranked as #1 in the Most Popular Online Game in China for 2007 in the Chinese Game Industry Annual Conference. It has unique game features such as the full 3D Pathing System, evolving pets, flying weapons, mounts and creatures reminiscent of Chinese folklore, Talisman crafting and amazing quests and missions.

Now is the time for you to take on the epic journey to immortality. Be the first to try out this highly anticipated game this November 2008!

CBT registrations begin today, 12 November at 4PM! For registrations, client download and other updates, visit the following sites:

Zhu Xian Online Philippines Official Website (CBT registration and client download)
CM Mei Yan: Scriptures from the Empress' Diary (for community news and updates)

  • no need to register
  • we will send your ZX advance pass account thru your email address
  • but you guys still need to download the client
Enjoy! ^_~