Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heavenly Book System and Celestial Points

Hi there. I have seen some questions about Celestial points so I just made this to clear things out.

Question: What Celestial Points and Heavenly Book?
Answer: Heavenly Book contains hieroglyphics skills which can boost up your main skills for your character. Celestial Points are points used to level up this hieroglyphics skills depending on your choice. The higher the level of this skills the better the effect on the main skills of your character. In short, Heavenly books are sort of skill boosters, gives better effect on your main skills.

Question: How do we get Celestial Points?
Answer: This the crucial part. Many are saying that it's 1 level 1 charisma point, etc. But it is not. I will be putting the details for that.

Level 15-90: 1 Charisma point for every 5 levels. Total of 16 points in this bracket.
Level 93-120:1 Charisma point for every 3 levels. Total of 8 points in this bracket.
Level 121-135: 1 Charisma point for every 2 levels. Total of 7 points in this bracket.
Level 136-150: 1 Charisma point for every 1 level. Total of 14 points in this bracket.

There you have it... Hope this helps.