Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ZXOnline In-Game Delights

ZXOnline Commercial Release Grand Party is fast approaching and everyone's getting excited. With this, the Community GameMasters is treating every warlord a bunch of in-game delights. Ain't that neat? ^_~

Extended 2x Exp Bonus - A Sweet Thing
It started last February 20 and everybody did the grinding all the way. A lot reached the cap level but there were more who had gained hundreds of chivalry points leeching those level 74 and below. But it didn't just end up there, the Double Exp treat is extended! Mark these dates and don't ever miss any single minute.

March 2-5, 2009 --> 3:00PM - 5:00PM
March 6-8, 2009 --> Nonstop Exp from 3:00PM (6) till 9:00PM (8)

Schedules are also posted on the Navigation Bar of CM Mei Yan's Blog.

In-Game Event: Helping Hands Committee
Last March 3, 2009 around 6-7PM, GM Vrael conducted an in-game event wherein he portrayed as a Young Paladin. The event's mechanics were to find the right Young Paladin GM Vrael was portraying and help him in-game. 500 Gold Ingots served as the reward for the winner. I had the chance to check how the event was going. Clues were announced (the GM's location, his behavior, and his name) and a few reminders as well (beware of scammers.. haha). Everyone was given the chance to help every young paladin around. ZX players were advised to provide basic information about the game and guide the young paladins in their quest pursuits. After a few hours, the winner was announced and GM Vrael revealed himself as a female young paladin hiding in the name of Aliciah.

Primarily, the event's aim is to lend a helping hand to every young paladin who is needing a warlord's help. This is also to create a warm and friendly community in-game, I believe. With this, Empress Mei Yan and CM Ching, together with their Community GameMasters, will be conducting in-game event everyday! Rewards will be given to those helpful warlords.

For more information about the event, you may check the Empress Blog.

ZXOnline Grand Commercial Party

The long wait is soon to be over.
Mark your calendars.

MARCH 8, 2009 - 11:00AM -
Midtown Atrium Robinsons Place Manila

Click the image above for more information found in the Empress Blog!

Oha. San ka pa?!