Friday, March 20, 2009

Text ZX CM Mei Yan and the ZX GMs and win INGOTS for FREE!

I have just read this from ZX CM Mei Yan's Plurk :)

She will be giving free ingots if you'll join her group and the ZX GMs as wellon EZBUZZ.

So here's the mechanics for this event:

Get more updates from us faster than regular announcements! Get instant ZX Gold Ingots from us just by registration and creating more groups in EZBuzz!

Click read more to see on how to join! :D

Here’s how to join us at EZBuzz:

  • New and current players are eligible for this promo
  • No level requirements are needed
  • You should have a mobile phone (open to Globe, Smart, and Sun subscribers)
  • Players are needed simply to register for the three EZBuzz groups: CM Mei Yan, GM Cerberus & GM Medea
  • For more information, go here:

Mechanics on How To Get ZX Gold Ingots

  • All e-Games account and EZBuzz terms and conditions apply.
  • Each player must register to join into any of the groups with the ff. syntax:
    • Join CMMEIYANyour nickname and send to 2948
    • JoinGMCERBERUSyour nickname and send to 2948
    • JoinGMMEDEAyour nickname and send to 2948
  • What’s in it for you? …:::Prizes & Incentives:::…
    • Updates on events, mobile raffles, and the latest happenings in ZXOnline way before it hits in-game, blog and forum announcements exclusively for you!
    • 1st 100 registered users in each group will receive 30 ZX Gold Ingots!
      • send in your e-Games account username, your EZBuzz nickname and mobile number by sending us a private message via EZBuzz, here’s how:
        • You can send a private message to a group member if you know his/her mobile phone number or nickname. Text the following into your phone: BUZZ PPOST and send to 2948. EX: BUZZ PPOST CMMEIYAN MeiYan 1st 100: e-Games account: gmcelestia EZBuzz nickname: Celestia mobile #: 09192894971
    • If you can provide 10 mobile numbers of your friends and they accepted to join our group, you’ll get additional 30 ZX Gold Ingots!
    • If you register under our group and created another group in EZBuzz and manages to get 25 members in your new group, you’ll receive 30 ZX Gold Ingots more!
      • We can check out your EZBuzz profile thru our webtools to see if you’ve created your own group and has 25 members already

*For every group registration, there’s a fee of P15 but you’ll get 30 group messages for you to consume for one month! Plus of course, the sweet treats from ZXOnline ;)
**For more FAQs, check out this link:

It’s that easy! Hurry and be one of our first 100 registered users now! Create more groups to get free ZX Gold Ingots everyday! Don’t forget the requirements above! ^.^