Saturday, March 28, 2009

E-Games: Domination III

Good Day Immortals~!

I'm Inviting everyone, even non-gamers, to come and join the grandest event this coming Saturday, April 4 of 2009, E-Games' Domination III.

Domination is now on its 3rd year and its guaranteed to be 3 times more fun, 3 times more exciting and BIGGER than the previous Domination's.

The event is going to be hold at SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia at 10 in the morning. Don't know the location? see map below:

If you're still not sure on how to go to SMX, here is a schedule for a FREE (yes it is for free) bus ride directly to SMX. The bus has the domination banner on the side so you won't miss it.

And I advice for everyone to "Pre-Register" to avoid waiting in a very long line, here's how:

- Click this link to be directed to Pre-Registration site.

- Log-in any of your existing E-Games account for any title (e.g. ZX, Audition, RAN, etc.)

- Click the "Pre-Register!" button.

- Click the "Bar-Code" image.

- Print-out the form that will pop-up (see sample below). You need to bring this form with any valid ID (yes, your school ID is one of them).

This will serve as your pass along with any UNSCRATCHED E-Points Card (Minimum of 20 php). There will be a separate line for those who has this Bar-Code (have pre-registered) and for those who will be registering on the day of the event, Isn't that convenient?

There's a lot of activities that awaits for you guys and you might even see your favorite GMA Celebrities~!

See you guys on April 4~! ^__^

sa E-Games... SAN KA PA~?!

for more details visit: Domination III Micro Site