Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ZX Commercial Launch Party - Aftermath

Hey-yah Immortals~! Your fabulous EGC and Emissary is back for another sizzling aftermath of the very flourishing Commercial Launch Party for ZX Online happened last 8th of March at Robinson’s Place Midtown Atrium.

The Atrium was crammed by different sorts of gamers; from young to young at hearts, In-game/Real Life couples and even mom’s and dad’s with their little angels joined in the festivities. The event catered various activity booths such as The Vector Wall, Jumbo Chinese Jackstone, Monster Dice and the “Animega Rouleta” by the event partner, TV5. Right in the middle were latest computer systems for free plays and in-game tournaments. And also a Gift Shop booth was installed, selling ZX merchandise such as ZX ID lace, shirts, posters and many more!

The Chenzen Red Lion Dance and Wushu team started the party with a blast as they show-off their majestic performance, with their traditional Chinese dragon dance and martial arts movements that awed everyone. Hosts Sam YG of Magic 89.9 and the very pretty Psyche welcomed the mass as the event officially began.

Ms. Ivee Feria, ZX Online’s Product Manager and Ms. Jane Amador, Assistant Product Manager introduced the game to everyone and also presented the upcoming updates. The secret to the Dark and Light Community faction was also unfolded.

The very appealing Gosiengfiao sisters, Alodia and Ashley, also made an appearance portraying the game’s popular characters, Biyao and Lu XueQi. Gamers and media men swarmed in front of the stage just to take pictures of these two angelic ladies wearing their costumes. The sisters also gave an inviting speech about the Dark side, represented by Biyao or Alodia and the Light side, represented by Lu XueQi or Ashley.

Boredom didn’t had a chance to come through as CM Mei Yan with the GM’s; Medea, Chromium, Raven, Ceberus and Hanya, laid-off fun-filled games for the Immortals. Everyone enjoyed the very intellectual game, Chinese Zodiac Sign, wherein gamers arranged themselves according to the sequence of the zodiac sign announced. Other activities were Trivia Contest, hosted by APM Jane and CM Mei Yan that tested the gamer’s knowledge, pass the message, charades, siopao eating contest, and of course the Dating Game which was hosted by APM Jane wherein 3 guys and 3 girls were asked several questions and the mysterious CM and GM would have to select 1 answer from each group that suited their liking. The lucky guy and girl who won the activity were given a chance to have a dinner date with CM Mei Yan and GM Raven, respectively. All of the game winners won gold ingots ranging from 200 to 1000!

Prizes didn’t stopped there, as every hour, CM Mei Yan hosted raffle draws wherein 1000 gold ingots were given away. Event partner TV5 didn’t let themselves get left behind as they gave out iPods to those who participated in their Animega Rouleta and 1 Sony PSP at the end of the day. The generosity was overwhelming!

As these things happen, yours truly was actually busy searching and interviewing the Clan Masters of some of the most prominent Clans in ZX and I was able to grab 2 of them, Lotus and Method. Let me impart the interview that I had with Lotus’ clan master, Suing.

I believe you are the CM for Lotus, mind if you introduce yourself?

I’m Mikey Suing with in-game name Suing, clan master for Lotus.

How long have you been playing ZX?

I’ve been playing ZX since CBT days.

What made you play ZX online?

Of course, the graphics of the game and especially the PK system wherein PK can be activated anytime (Force PK) unlike other games that has safe mode for PK, the pet system that I’m also looking forward to.

Let’s talk about your clan then, currently how many members do you have?

We currently have more than 120 members consisted of nine families. We used to have lots of foreign members but I guess they left already XD.

Do you have an idea already what the Light and Dark faction is all about? Which side will your clan choose?

Actually none, hehe, but we’re planning to choose the Dark side but it’s still subject to change. We are actually depending on the side that Fatality Clan will choose, if they will go Light then will be on the opposite side.

Oh I see, so basically you’re going against your opponent’s side?

Yep, that’s about it.

Sounds interesting, it seems that there’s a rivalry going on between your clan and Fatality. Does your clan have any in-game activities or events?

We do. We usually organize outing and EB’s for the bonding of the members. For in-game, I usually hold events such as I’ll ask them to bring me a particular item and in return I would give them a prize.

So what are your future plans for ZX?

Well nothing much. I guess join Clan Wars and to socialize more, we’re not really a very competitive clan unlike others such as Method.


Intriguing and interesting answers from Suing, there are a lot of things going on there and things to talk about. ^_^

As a final activity of the day, PM Ivee Feria gave out certificate of appreciation for the gamers who have helped translate the game from Chinese to English and also to the following ZX Online Clans who have shown tremendous contribution to the community; Lotus Clan, Method Clan, Fatality Clan, Exitializ Clan, Supremed Clan and of course my beloved Exiled Clan.

Till next time immortals, ciao~!