Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canoodling: Featured Community Event (Aftermath)

And yes the Valentine's day has passed, but still love is in the air. It was more exposed after a certain event happened in-game last February 14th around 11:00PM - the Canoodling Event, a misture of cuddling and noodling with love.

The event was primarily a simple clan event only of Exitializ Clan as part of celebrating the Valentine's season. I invited CM Mei Yan via to join our mini event, but to my surprise, she asked me some of the event's details for she will be inviting the whole ZX Community to participate in the said event. And that was really awesome. Thanks so much to our lovely CM. ^_^

The day came. The clock read 10:15PM. I went online and checked Heyang City Town. Gamers were starting to look for partners, some expressed their excitement, some were too impatient I guess that they wanted to start the event right away. I checked our clan if a lot would be participating, and gladly they were all geared up for our mini event. The announcement was flashed on our PC Screen. Everybody were invited to go to Channel 8, Heyang City, particularly at Plain of Yu Meng for the Canoodling Event.

When I came to the spot, there were couples waiting there already, about 10 pairs, then 14, then 16... OMG! We were growing in number. Later we realized that there were so many pairs that gamers would complain their PC's went laggy. Haha.

The mechanics of the event were given first before the countdown. In a few minutes, GM Imrahil counted 5... 4... 3.. 2.. 1.. and by the 'GO' Signal, everybody did the snuggling simutaneously. Love was in the air. Some pairs expressed their feelings to each other. Others even confessed what they felt for their snuggle partner. And of course, there was even jealousy roaming around that time. Haha. And after 10minutes of snuggling, everybody marched from Plain of Yu meng to HYC Town with their partners.

It was one great mini event! It ended up successfully. I would personally want to thank firstly CM Mei Yan for making this event possible that the whole ZX Community was able to participate with us, the Exitializ Clan. Then to the GMs who were around that time for leading the sweetness of the event. Haha. To ExcEsc - Exitializ Clan Master and the whole members of the clan for helping, and the ZX Online Community, of course, for participating.

With this, I made a simple video for everyone. I hope you'll like it.
Happy Valentine's again. <3>


Mei Yan said...

ayun oh~ cheers! :D

EneLya said...

ayeee.. <3

thanks CM MeiYan! :p

kresen said...

here's some screenshot I took from the event. :D