Friday, December 19, 2008

ZX Online Open Beta : The Wait is Over~!

Oh My Gawd~! It's here, it's finally here~! This coming December 28, 2008 - the much anticipated ZX Online Open Beta (yes! you've read it right and you're not hallucinating :3) will begin~!

Click this link ZX Online Open Beta for more details - Originally posted by CM Mei Yan

Personal Thoughts~

This is a great gift for me and for everyone else this coming holidays ^_^. Even though i've been an Advanced Passer and experienced more during CBT, i've never been this excited for Zhu Xian~!

Finally~! our wait for OB will come to its end and the journey that we've been through during CBT will now be more of a reality~ :3

Thank You for all players who have shared their thoughts, experiences and more importantly the bugs and problems encountered during CBT for it will really help the game handlers to improve our gaming experience especially this coming OB. :3

and of course, Thank You to our amazing and uber hard working CM, Miss Bea Navarete for her unsurpassed dedication to the game and community, we love you CM Mei Yan ^_^

See you all in OB guys and happy Holidays~ keep it safe for the coming year~! It's time to Rock It~!!! XD


Mei Yan said...

thanks for posting this shannel :D

Shannel said...

You're welcome Ms. Mei Yan (or Mrs i should say, hehe, just kidding :3) its the least i can do~! :3