Sunday, December 28, 2008

My First Fashion, Zhu Xian Style~!

In relation with my article, Love For Fashion - Zhu Xian Style, let me share the very 1st fashion set that i acquired for the 1st day of OB ^_^ and here it is...

This one is called "The Flower Costume" , consisted of a Head Ornament that changes the look of your hair, the Dress it self and a Footwear ^_^ very fancy hehe...

I couldn't resist my self buying it when i was informed that the in-game item mall was implemented already XD. Any female gamers or female at heart would love to let their avatars wear one of this ^_^

this will be for now and more to come~!



Mei Yan said...


that was my outfit during our shooting for the online video with the GMs :D

Shannel said...

Oh yeah~!XD

this outfit really caught my eye while i was browsing through the shop ^_^ so w/ no hesitations, i bought it hahaha~!

Love it CM Mei, hoping for more to come~ :D