Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 Buddha Beads Quest

Good Day Immortals!

It seems like a lot of gamers get lost looking for the location of these 7 Buddha Beads. This quest is given by Fa Xian, an NPC found near the Universal Islet in Heaven Sound Map. I made this guide to help ZX gamers on where these beads are located.

1st Bead: Wei Chenxian Just at the North Entrance of Heaven Sound (Make sure you have 20 silver in your backpack. He will ask for it.) (-250,-31 )

2nd Bead: Wordless Jade Wall [go inside then turn right] (-390, 46 )

3rd Bead: Black Wind Village [located at the back of east house] (380, 52 )

4th Bead: You can get this one as soon as you get the Quest

5th Bead: Main tower of Nine-floor evil tower [located at the lower right of the map] (371, -406)

6th Bead: You can get this from the Skeleton Soldiers

7th Bead: Buddha Pagoda [behind the main tower, you need to walk inside the tower] (-354, -317)

I hope this guide helps. Happy Leveling Immortals! ^_^


johnray said...

can you elaborate more on the 1st bead? coz currently im stuck on that one. i think it is bugged.

Shin Cadaver said...

thanks for the nice guide, its sure a really good help to us. (^_^) More power guys good job!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hints!I was stuck at the 5th bead fo some time... althought I did walk past that area (maybe blindly).

Jocelyn said...

hi.. i'm stuck at the 1st bead.. have 20 silver with me as stated but the NPC doesn't give me the bead.. wat should i do nw? i've all the other beads.