Saturday, April 11, 2009

Domination III: ZX Wars and Impression ~ Aftermath

Domination III had truly lived up for its name as it was 3 times grander, 3 times more exhilarating and BIGGER than the previous Domination’s. The wide and accommodating space had definitely put the gamers in awe as they enter the dome-like- structured entrance. Dancing spotlights and loud music had definitely put everyone a lively mood.

ZX’s booth, E-Games latest game for 2009, was placed right at the venue’s entrance. ZX’s Community Manager, Mei Yan (Bea Navarete) had made her appearance wearing a very inviting costume, portraying one of the game’s character, Azure Cloud. ZX’s Product Manager, Ms. Ivee Ferio and APM Ms. Jane Amador were also there, endorsing this amazing game to gamers that are coming in. ZX had catered lots of stimulating activities and fun games such as the Chinese Zodiac Sign, Banner Making Contest and the much anticipated Terracotta Wars!

Terracotta Wars Results

It heated at the ZX Booth as the 1st round of the Terracotta Wars tested each Teams strategy and team work, here are the results:

1st Battle – 1:30pm to 1:40pm

Fatality lead by Weng V.S. Radicals lead by Alden

WINNER: Radicals

2nd Battle – 1:45pm to 1:50pm

Exitializ lead by Excelle V.S. Method lead by Ben

WINNER: Method

3rd Battle – 2:00pm to 2:10pm

XIII lead by Josh V.S. Delubyo lead by Ryan


4th Battle – no time

Eternity (disqualified due to being absent) V.S. Exitializ

WINNER: Exitializ – by default

5th Battle – 2:15pm to 2:20pm

Forsaken V.S. Ekopapipay

WINNER: Forsaken

6th Battle – 2:25pm to 2:30pm

XIII lead by Mark V.S. Eclavu lead by Anthony

WINNER: Eclavu

7th Battle – 2:35pm to 2:40pm

Aurora lead by Bishop V.S. Exitiliz lead by Zaila

WINNER: Exitializ

The 2nd round of the Terracotta wars ended quickly as the teams were narrow down to 4! Here’s the detail immortals~!

1st Battle – 2:55pm to 3:00pm

Method lead by Ben V.S. XIII lead by Josh


2nd Battle – 3:05pm to 3:10pm

Exitializ lead by Zaila V.S. Forsaken

WINNER: Forsaken

3rd Battle – 3:15pm to 3:20pm

Eclavu by Anthony V.S. Exitializ

WINNER: Exitializ

4th Battle – Won by Radicals thru Draw Lots

And now it’s the Semi-Finals~! Everyone was on their feet as these 4 remaining teams battle it out for the Finals~! Here’s the detail for the Semi-Finals round.

1st Battle – 3:45pm to 3:50pm

Radicals lead by Alden V.S. XIII lead by Josh


2nd Battle – 3:55pm to 4:00pm

Forsaken V.S. Exitializ

WINNER: Forsaken

Immortals~! The Terracotta Wars is now down to its Finals~! Who is going to be, between XIII and Forsaken? Which team will be the last standing strong!?. There’s no holding back immortals, as we start the Final Round~!

After just a few minutes of grueling battle, champions were born~! This team had been strong and very strategic in dealing with their opponents, making them the True Immortals for the Terracotta, Forsaken imerged victorious! Congratulations to the following members of the team:

Klyn Dizon

Eliseo Palma

Dexter Dizon

Giemart Sonsona

John Emil Palma

In behalf of the ZX Team, I thank you for making the very First Domination experience for ZX Online more than successful~! See You Next Year~! Love It~!


ExcEsc said...

Exitializ' Team Leader's name was Zaia..not Zaila..^^ thanks..

Mei Yan said...

Level 45 Azure Cloud po ako ^.^

many thanks for the lovely aftermath article! *hugs j0o*

Shannel said...


well sorry for you a.hole, that's what i got from the name list given to me.

@CM Mei

ay azure cloud po ba? hehehe sensya po, alam mo naman cm na bangag ako ng araw na yun dahil galing me straight from work at wala me tulog po.

Mei Yan said...


okie dokies lang~ but am grateful for you guys covering that day ^.^

SeVen said...

whahaha, whe wasn't expecting to win the tournament,, but thank GOD WE WON THE GAME....forsaken rules