Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attention: All ZXOnline Clan Leaders and Warlords

~From the desk of the Empress~

Attention all Clan Leaders!

We will need your contact information; be it that you are the original Guild Leader or you are representing your clan as a deputy / sub-leader (since your original Clan Leader is living abroad, etc.) but make sure that you are the official body that represents your entire clan members.

All of your submissions will be confidential and will be viewed by the official e-Games Community Team only, plus we will NEVER ask for your PASSWORDS here in our websites.

Thank you very much!



admin said...

Just dropped by to give encouragement and support on being nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award. This blog is not to my interest but I'm seeing and appreciating the amount of work you've put in it.

Cheers from a,