Friday, January 23, 2009

ZX Online Community EB ~ Shannel's Aftermath

Hello ZX Immortals~! let me share my personal Aftermath for the mini EB that was held today, January 23, 2009 - Friday

The gathering was held at SM Mega Mall Building A in KFC located at the 2nd level, beside Chowking and Yellow Cab at around 4PM which ended at approximately 7pm. A lot of things were discussed and talked about but before anything else, take a look at this picture of me with our Lovely CM Mei Yan, Miss Bea Navarete...

Ain't she cute? XD but i don't look good here huhuhu... hehe but enough of us let's go back to our topic ^_^
Attendees were asked to sign first in a sheet wherein all of the names of the players who got a reservation were listed, as their attendance. Also freebies were given to those who attended the meeting. It was an E-game paper bag with ZX Online official CD installer and a limited edition poster...

After settling the attendance, the participants were grouped in 2 and each group was assigned to a particular GM/CM to discuss some matters, and of course we have CM Mei Yan in our group hehe...

A questionnaire/survey was pulled up which is about ZX Online and other gaming concerns, wherein the GM's/CM's took the responses of the players for each set of questions. As we go through the survey, some suggestions were made, topics were discussed and concerns were raised... is it me or is it getting hot in here? hehehe...

- More in-game event.
- Additional fishing line for fishing event (something that has to be raised to the game developers).

Topics Discussed
- New items that will be available in the item shop including mounts such as the OX, other game enhancing items such as Crafting Materials etc...
- Dark and Light side: each family Shaik/Rudder has to choose either the light or dark side... more details in the up coming commercial release.
- Up coming events and plans for the ZX community.
- Commercial Release which will happen around March of this year.

- EP to ZX cash conversion error - 1st bug
- Inggot bug - 2nd bug
- The heart breaking Roll Back
- IP Blocking
- 3rd Party Programs - Bots

For players who loaded up EP's and converted them to ZX cash prior or during the said bugs and still hasn't retrieved the amounts, just file a ticket w/ your account detail (DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PASSWORD) or e-mail it to so that the GM's can investigate your case and resolve them. see Help Desk Ticket for details...

And as the discussion heats up, hehe, participants were treated to a simple meal catered by KFC, yummy~!

After the discussions, a roll call was made by CM Mei Yan to let everyone know who are the players who attended, and yep, IGN's were announced hahaha... AHA~! so its you~! hehe... during this time, everone was so quiet, waiting and wanting to know who the heck is beside me... hehehe...

after all the AHA and OH YOU~! hehe... a raffle was conducted and 2 lucky participants won a Limited Edition ZX Online Tumbler which E-Games doesn't sell~! whoa~! lucky people... too bad i didn't got it :( but anyway meeting CM Mei Yan was all there is to it ^_^

And now something to rub in to those who didn't attend... In-game incentives to be given within this week to all who participated ^_^ weeeeeeeeeeeee~! and also additional Incentive was given to the Clan who has the most members who participated... Congratulations to... Method Clan...

Done and Done~! it was a great gathering and lots of things were learned and settled but of course there are still some things that need to be improved and fixed.

Others were asked to stay if they still have other concerns and some went home already and that includes me ^_^