Friday, November 28, 2008

Love for Fashion, Zhu Xian Style

Tired of wearing the same old boring armor suits that everyone else wear? Do you want to get noticed and stand out? Fashion is all you need~!

Yours truly is definitely an in-game fashion lover and i'de often waste my money buying them, hehe and i never get to be rich in-game just because of my affinity for fashion. First thing that i usually look at whenever i play an MMORPG is the fashion suits. Since ZX Online PH is still at its Close Beta phase, let me showcase a ZX teaser and share my love for fashion, Zhu Xian style~!

Here are the fashionable suits that i was able to find while roaming around the world of ZX, let's start with the guys...

Pretty slick, ayt? guys would definitely earn "pogi" points from the ladies wearing these. Since i'll be portraying a female avatar in-game (no wonder~!), here are the fashionable suits that i have my eyes on and would definitely be spending money on, hehe... so guys eat your hearts out coz the ladies are gonna rock ZX with these~!

Who says pretty can't be deadly? imma grab all of these~! XD

We've seen Empress Mei Yan wore some of these fashionable suits during her in-game teasers prior to CBT and i'm really hoping that we would have the same once the game is already commercialized~!

This would be all for now and hoping that the readers enjoyed what i've shared for today~ more to come and more to see ^_^ ciao~!

ZX Online Press Conference

First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Bea Navarrete (CM Mei Yan) for inviting me in the Zhu Xian Online Philippines Press Conference. The said conference was held last November 25, 2008 at 360 (ThreeSixty) Restaurant at the A-Venue in Makati Ave.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heavenly Book System and Celestial Points

Hi there. I have seen some questions about Celestial points so I just made this to clear things out.

Question: What Celestial Points and Heavenly Book?
Answer: Heavenly Book contains hieroglyphics skills which can boost up your main skills for your character. Celestial Points are points used to level up this hieroglyphics skills depending on your choice. The higher the level of this skills the better the effect on the main skills of your character. In short, Heavenly books are sort of skill boosters, gives better effect on your main skills.

Question: How do we get Celestial Points?
Answer: This the crucial part. Many are saying that it's 1 level 1 charisma point, etc. But it is not. I will be putting the details for that.

Level 15-90: 1 Charisma point for every 5 levels. Total of 16 points in this bracket.
Level 93-120:1 Charisma point for every 3 levels. Total of 8 points in this bracket.
Level 121-135: 1 Charisma point for every 2 levels. Total of 7 points in this bracket.
Level 136-150: 1 Charisma point for every 1 level. Total of 14 points in this bracket.

There you have it... Hope this helps.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ZX Online CBT is now open!

Good news guys!

ZX Online CBT is now open! But, you need to download the Server Fix Manual Patch which is I mentioned in my previous post.

Good Luck in your journey guys :)

Server Fix Manual Patch

Good Day to all ZhuXian players,

Please download the server fix manual patch before playing ZhuXian to avoid errors.
Mirror 1 Mirror 2

Good Day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

ZX Online Schedule

Add Video
For those who have their advance pass already, you can now start playing the game. As for those who requested for CBT accounts in the website, you need to wait until November 19 before you can start playing.
For those who encountered inGame bugs during the CBT period, please report them to the Technical Section of ZhuXian.
As for those who are asking questions about the release of Open Beta, you still need to wait for further updates.
Good Day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Z.X. Online Novice Skill Guide

Since you will be a novice for some levels, I would recommend getting HIT skill at level 2/6 and ALERT skill at level 7/7. Remember to not waste much of you skill points as you will need them as you progress in the game. There is a maximum of 150 skill points in this game and we still do not know yet if we have this reset skill NPC or item (wish we could have like that). Level 15 is the level wherein you get to choose your school, so choose wisely. Here is a little description of the novice skills:

HIT skill - is an active skill wherein you deal 2x your damage to an enemy/monster.

ALERT skill - this passive skill raises the amount of resistance in all states.

There are also other skills such as:

Courage - this buff enhances your ability to attack

Healing - self explanatory. Also an active skill

As for the rest of the skills, well that will depend what school you're going to enter. I will still update you guys on that. Hope this helps. Thank you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alternative Direct Client Download

To those experiencing problems in downloading ZX client, try any of the following:
alternative1 (c/o Althaea)
alternative2 (c/o Egwene)

Also, it would be better if you use one of the download manager to minimize time downloading:

Kita-kits s CBT!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Close Beta Client Now Available!

Hail adventurers! The Zhu Xian client is now available for download!

The download link requires a torrent program to download the installer. I suggest Utorrent for easy downloading.

Click here to get started!

For those unfamiliar with torrents please click here

Downloading torrent for newbies

1. Install a bittorent Client
2. Run the bittorent client
3. Visit the download site and click on Zhu Xian Online
4. Click on the link that will appear
6. Wait for the file to finish.

Note: After you finish downloading, please do not immediately close the client. Allow it to "seed" for other downloaders. For more questions, refer to this website.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CBT Registration Day

CBT Registration Trailer

The Gate for ZXOnline Opens for CBT!

Brace yourselves for a world unlike any other, as e-Games announces the upcoming Closed Beta Testing of its newest game, Zhu Xian Online.

Get ready to traverse this epic world of mystery, magic, fantasy and art. Based on the popular Chinese Internet novel of the same name, ZX Online will take you in an adventure where there are no limits, only endless discoveries.

ZX Online is ranked as #1 in the Most Popular Online Game in China for 2007 in the Chinese Game Industry Annual Conference. It has unique game features such as the full 3D Pathing System, evolving pets, flying weapons, mounts and creatures reminiscent of Chinese folklore, Talisman crafting and amazing quests and missions.

Now is the time for you to take on the epic journey to immortality. Be the first to try out this highly anticipated game this November 2008!

CBT registrations begin today, 12 November at 4PM! For registrations, client download and other updates, visit the following sites:

Zhu Xian Online Philippines Official Website (CBT registration and client download)
CM Mei Yan: Scriptures from the Empress' Diary (for community news and updates)

  • no need to register
  • we will send your ZX advance pass account thru your email address
  • but you guys still need to download the client
Enjoy! ^_~

Welcome to the Haven of ZXOnline!


The ZXOnline Emissaries was founded on November 10, 2008; this serves as an official sister blog of the Community website.

This was created by the players for the players.

You will see the writers are also your co-players or perhaps your fellow members in your guild!

So if you want to be part of our group, just send your full name and email address to

Enjoy reading! ^_~